The Wrong Wording Could Cost You Thousands

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While well-chosen words can help boost your sale price, the authors of Zillow Talk argue that the wrong words can have the opposite effect.

Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries analysed 24,000 ads from the property website Zillow to measure how different words, descriptions and listing lengths impacted sale prices.

For top-tier homes, “investment”, “potential” and “TLC” were linked with significantly lower final sale prices compared with their estimated values, while “captivating” properties fetched higher prices.

“Cosmetic”, “bargain”, “fixer”, “nice” were best avoided and “unique” homes, the authors found, tended to need some kind of rehab.

“If a home is described as a ‘unique opportunity’, for example, that’s a negative signal, whether or not the seller is trying to send one,” the authors write.

“If the words used in copy don’t marry with the property, perceptions can be changed and the wrong impression can be left on potential purchasers. For this reason, it’s important not to understate or overstate the property to ensure you’re attracting the right buyers, as the wrong buyers can ultimately result in driving the price down.”


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