The Secret of Successful Real Estate Prospecting

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Real estate prospecting. It’s a BIG part of a real estate professional’s job. After all, no prospecting tends to equal no clients, which tends to make it difficult to shoe the children.

Let’s take a look at 7 smart tactics for prospecting, whether online or offline.

General prospecting

Be consistent. You’ve built up a database — perhaps it includes people in your sphere of influence (SOI) or maybe it’s people that have signed up for home searches on your website. Regardless of methodology or source, you must be consistent. Sending a market report to 400 people in your database sounds like a good idea. Do that once, and it’s going to take pure luck to get a response. Mail that market report every month for 12 months, and you’re far more likely to build brand and name recognition — and make the phone ring when someone is ready to buy or sell. Consistency is key to prospecting success.

Dedicate time, every day. This goes hand-in-hand with being consistent. Successful prospectors will tell you that prospecting isn’t some “side job,” it’s THE job. Whatever your system is — a CRM, a calendar, a spreadsheet, sending emails to yourself — use that system to block out daily (yes, daily) prospecting time. How much time? That’s going to depend greatly on your business, and how long you’ve been in real estate sales. Many sales trainers claim two hours a day, minimum, should be spent prospecting. Quite possibly more if you are new in the business, maybe a little less for the seasoned veteran. Regardless of where you are in your career, you will need to dedicate time to prospecting. Daily. Here’s an interesting take on how much prospecting time is required.

Analyze, scrub, repeat. Your contact database is not a static document. It morphs and changes over time. You need to constantly review your database and recategorize prospects as they move through the sales funnel, ensuring you provide what they need and not what you want them to have. Review your database continually, scrub it, update it. Rinse and repeat. Consistently (there’s that word again).

Online prospecting

Use drip email campaigns. You’ve got a “lead,” otherwise known as the contact info for a potential client. Now what? Some contacts may be ready to buy or sell RIGHT NOW. Odds are though, many are going to be at the top of the sales funnel and will need much nurturing before they are ready to actively buy or sell property. Here’s where good drip email campaigns — those offering something of value — can work remarkably well.

What “something of value” means will depend on the prospect.

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