The Difference in Online vs. Offline Leads

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Lead generation technology has become very effective in generating huge volumes of leads for agents. The only limiting factor for agents is cost, and deciding how much time and money to invest ultimately determines how successful an agent will be with lead generation, and, therefore, offer generation. It is even more important that agents build a foundation to nurture effectively those leads or else the investment can be rendered useless.

As an agent, it is important to decide what types of leads you want to generate. Online lead generation is all about volume and conversion rates. Whereas word of mouth leads are all about quality and relationships. It is important for agents to understand which game they are playing to tailor the subsequent consumer experience., Fully committing the same strategy to both lead types often results in squandered opportunity, time and money.

Understanding the source of the lead enables agents to build the necessary framework to convert the lead. It all starts with making sure the first interaction with your business conveys the right messaging. Refining that message takes time, but eventually through extensive testing you will be able to convert a greater percentage of a follow-on conversation.

To start generating more offers, here are three steps to building a more effective framework around your lead capture efforts.

1. Understand the source of your leads.

2. Tailor your messaging.

3. Focus on trust.


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