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In the following article, Bernice Ross recalls a meeting with one of her coaching clients and why her real estate marketing was not hitting her target audience.  Using the latest online marketing tools and technology as a Realtor you can strategically target your real estate marketing so that you are not wasting your time and budget on the wrong demographic for your business.  Read the full article by clicking the link below

Are you getting the results you want from your marketing efforts? If not, retooling and retargeting your marketing can help you hit the sweet spot that generates more leads and allows you to close more deals.

At a recent conference, I met with one of our one-on-one coaching clients to figure out why her marketing campaign wasn’t working well. Over the past few months, she has knocked on over 1,700 doors. She is also mailing to her targeted area plus doing everything she should be doing to produce great leads. So why isn’t her marketing working?

1. Undefined target market

An undefined target market is the biggest challenge facing most agents today. They lack a clear target market including messaging designed to fit that specific market. In the case of the agent above, she was having success generating probate listing leads. On the other hand, her geographical marketing wasn’t working.

5. Lack of benefits in the call to action

Agents have spent millions of dollars marketing their services by offering a complimentary market analysis. Instead of using the same call to action that everyone else uses, identify how your offer will benefit the consumer. For example, you could offer information on how homeowners can receive substantial rebates for appliance purchases. You could also offer a property evaluation that could assist the homeowner in lowering their property taxes.

6. Failure to embrace what you are attracting

Our client has a strong background in high tech. Agonizing over paint chips is not her style. She was also frustrated that she was attracting moms when she wanted to work more with investors, working professionals and probates. The big breakthrough occurred when she realized that most of her “moms” were high-powered career women with children.

That realization allowed her to reframe how she was approaching this group. We worked on creating a new value proposition and niche, which included targeting this group and creating a new door knocking script: “Good morning. I’m Sally Agent from ABC real estate. I specialize in assisting professional women with their real estate needs, whether it’s investing, handling a probate for a family member or their sale or purchase. Is there someone you know who could use my services?”

7. Way cheaper than ZTR leads

Our client’s next question is, “Where do I go to find these targeted leads?” The answer is simple….


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