Is Snapchat the Future of Real Estate Marketing?

Over the past few months, the social photo/video sharing app Snapchat has been making some interesting moves that you should be paying attention to as a Realtor.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, and I assume that will be most, Snapchat is a messaging app for iPhone and Android where users share images and video that are only able to be viewed once for a set amount of time.  While Snapchat may have the reputation of being “for kids,” don’t forget that only 4-5 years ago Facebook was “just for kids” as well so please do not underestimate the value to be mined from this up and coming platform.  Snapchat recently launched Discover, which is their initial step into native paid advertising, and the first companies to take advantage of the opportunity have received millions of page views each per day.  This is obviously on a much larger scale than you will experience marketing with Snapchat for Real Estate, but I highly recommend that you download the app (iTunes/Android), create an account (there are still a ton of great Real Estate screen names available) simply to get familiar with the platform as it continues to grow and then strongly consider adding to your strategy with Snapchat for Real Estate marketing.  If you search online, there are many great guides to help you get started and learn how to use the app.

Kevin Hopp has an article at called Understanding millennial homebuyers through Snapchat from the perspective of a 23 year-old in the Real Estate industry.  Here’s some of what Kevin has to say…

So, where does Snapchat fit in? Of Snapchat’s 100 million active, monthly users, 71 percent of them are under the age of 25. Understanding why millennials love Snapchat will help real estate agents understand what motivates their future clients. In this new “fast and easy” economy, figuring out how to effectively sell to millennials will be critical. Here are some suggestions as a millennial (who uses Snapchat) on how to relate to my generation:

  • Have a robust social media presence. It sounds like a no-brainer, but so many agents still struggle with this concept. Because millions upon millions of millennials are using social media every day, you can’t afford to not have your brand represented online. A website is a great start, but getting a social media profile that you actively use on all of the big networks that potential homeowners are active on (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) is the first step in relating to a younger generation of upcoming homeowners.
  • Emphasize your expertise. I will be the first to admit, most of the reasons why my friends and I don’t want to own a home right now is because we don’t understand why it is a better proposition than renting. If I were to pick a Realtor in the near future, I would need to know that that person is an expert in the field and will make the process quick and easy for me as a first-time homebuyer. Educating potential homebuyers on how easy it is for them (and why homeownership is more of an investment and less of a purchase) will go a long way with millennials.
  • Think “Uber-fication” and “fast and efficient.” Millennials don’t want to call you for everything. They have a powerful smartphone that puts the world at their fingertips. In 2015, you need to have a branded mobile presence to stay relevant. There are hundreds of people every day that are using the Redfin, and mobile apps to search for their dream home. The challenge is how to stand apart and how to provide your future clients with everything they need at the tips of their fingers. A mobile-optimized site and some visibility on the major search portals is a great combination to drive curious first-time homebuyers to your website.


Josh Fraser at the Social Agent Today Blog also recently wrote an article with a few great tactics for Snapchat for Real Estate to promote themselves and their listings…

How Snapchat suits realtors

Real estate is an industry that lends itself to the use of Snapchat. While it can be difficult at first to see the potential benefits of this popular social networking app, it can easily be blended into your social media marketing strategy for a multitude of reasons.

Real estate is a visual industry

Real estate and Snapchat are both highly visual. Great photography and video are crucial elements to successful real estate marketing. It is only natural that a platform like Snapchat would be an excellent way to showcase the strengths of great real estate features and messages.


Marketing strategist Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia has been pounding the table for Snapchat as a potential selling platform to watch for years, and we are just beginning to catch up to what Gary has been trying to tell us since 2013.  The people or brands who go all-in on these platforms at the right moment have been rewarded historically, and now is the time to jump in on Snapchat for Real Estate marketing!


Once you sign up, friend us (Snapchat username: RealEstateVideo) and we can help you get used to this new age of digital marketing.

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