This Is Why Sacramento Is Great.

Another great video from the folks over at Varient3 Productions on the heels of the annual State of Downtown Breakfast


Bethany Harris at summed up the event with the word “momentum” which will translate over to our local real estate market as our city moves forward.


“Momentum” was a word that came up over and over as audience members were addressed by speakers that included, among others, Mayor Kevin Johnson and Downtown Sacramento Partnership Executive Director Michael Ault.

We’ve all seen and felt it the last few years–that momentum. It’s been growing stronger as residents, investors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders examine the bones of our city and ask how can we make this better?

“We’re entering a new era,” said Mayor Johnson, continuing by saying that what we’re seeing now is the rise of Sacramento 3.0, which will take our city from gold town to capital city to a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. “This community has so much momentum right now. And you can’t understate that.”


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