Podcast: Brad Inman Talks About Real Estate Technology

The following is from an article on Inman.com.  Click here to listen to this episode of the Real Estate Coaching Radio podcast featuring Inman founder Brad Inman in iTunes.


If you follow the news, then you know that April 7 was a big day — the day the ListHub syndication feed to Zillow and Trulia went dark, leaving these two major online industry players to fend for themselves. Inman has covered this story since it broke back on January 6, and in case you missed it, we’d urge you to read Andrea V. Brambila’s latest update on Zillow’s progress establishing direct feed agreements to provide them with an alternative source of listing data.

This latest episode in the “portal wars” raises a lot of questions about the role of listing portals and technology companies in real estate, and the value they really bring to the industry.

On April 7, the day the feed went dark, we sat down with Brad Inman for some straight talk about the ListHub controversy and real estate technology for our nationally syndicated radio show, “Real Estate Coaching Radio.” Listen to the entire episode on this page, and don’t miss the question-and-answer highlights of this very special interview below:

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This interview is happening on the very same day that the ListHub agreement with Zillow expires. This seems to be story that everyone is interested in, so at the end of the day, do you think this will blow over as being hype, or is there something there?

Well, what’s really shocking to me is this: back in the mid-1990s, we at Inman were advocating three pieces of a vision — put all listings on the Internet, automate the transaction and make sure we put 3-D walkthroughs and visuals on every listing. The idea was to be transparent, create a marketplace and make it easy for people to buy and sell a home.

Now, here we are in 2015, and we’re still talking about putting listings on Ihe internet with all the same tension, fear and paranoia as before. That’s the big picture for me — I mean, Wow! Why haven’t we gotten over this?

You know, if I’m home-seller, then by gosh, I don’t care about the insider baseball or the politics of all you characters — just put my listing everywhere. We need to get over this insider tension and just get on with it — and that’s the frustrating thing.

We’re probably making a lot of out this ListHub cutoff date — and as a news company, you know, I love it. There’s nothing better for our traffic than hot, controversial news, but we’re just the messenger. These people make their own news, and sometimes it’s ridiculous, silly, and absurd.


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