Marketing Real Estate on Pinterest

One of the fastest growing social networks today is Pinterest.  There is an avid community pinning photos and building their dream homes on their boards…  All they need is the Realtor to help them find that home.   Bill Fishkin recently broke down the platform from the perspective of a Realtor marketing real estate on Pinterest.

First impressions are lasting. In the world of real estate, sometimes a first impression is the only opportunity you get to make a sale happen.

Because of this, in the past few years there has been a major influx in advocacy for the use of professional photography for your listings. People are incredibly image-driven, and having compelling imagery can truly determine how quickly you find a buyer for your listing. One of the ways you can maximize the power and reach of your imagery is to establish a bold presence on Pinterest.

Commonly known as the social media hub for moms and brides-to-be, Pinterest allows you to discover, collect, organize and share visually compelling images on your “boards” by “pinning.” Each board represents a theme to help you categorize where you want to put a given “pin.” Although fashion, recipes and parenting posts run rampant on Pinterest, there is also a huge DIY (do it yourself) and home design element. This makes Pinterest a natural fit for a real estate presence — but only for those willing to do it consistently and well.

As a relatively lesser-known platform, Pinterest can prove to be an extremely helpful resource within your field: driving traffic to your site, increasing your brand exposure, and connecting you with those who might need your services or find your advice and activity useful. Take a little time to explore the platform if you’re not familiar, and take advantage of the help center if you have any questions. In very little time, you can create a valuable pathway to connect with people who might need something from you someday.


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