Make Your Listings Stand Out in the Noisy Sacramento Real Estate Market

With the boom in real estate shows dominating the TV airwaves, consumers are savvier than ever in reference to buying or selling a home. Our expert today encourages you to ask your realtor how they are elevating your home’s marketability.

Joining us Sunday on Good Morning Connecticut, America’s Top Lifestyle expert Mar Jennings provides us with important tips for how to make your listing stand out when you put your house on the market. And he encourages you to ask your realtor how they are using these tips to elevate your home’s marketability.

  • Describe the lifestyle, not necessarily the home– Good copy can make or break a listing if the home is not clearly described in a manner that is inviting to all. For example, which of these descriptions is more engaging: “a large living room”; or “a gracious-size living room that can accommodate the whole family around a roaring, wood-burning fireplace”. The second example simply describes more of a lifestyle experience, and therefore the reader better understands both the size and scale of the room.
  • Create a domain name and/or a social media presence – Selling a home has gone viral and it’s no longer acceptable to just do print-ads. An online presence has become an imperative requirement in the competitive market of real estate. A savvy realtor will embrace social media as a tool for promotions and communication regarding your home.
  • Have an all-inclusive video tour – Videos sell homes. The flat, one-dimensional photograph is no longer the staple of marketability. A video gives potential buyers a more inclusive feel of a property and the home’s features.
  • Professional photographs should not only highlight rooms, but lifestyle as well – It is important to support the photography sessions by preparing your home to the best of its ability. Beds should be made, counters should be clean, and personal references should be eliminated. It is best that photographs represent a depersonalized version of your home; it’s more inviting because potential clients can visualize themselves in your space.
  • Price Competitively– Understand what’s in the market, what has sold in the past, and how your home competes against those listings.

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