How Live Streaming Apps Will Change Real Estate

The latest trend in social media is live streaming video from your cell phone to all of your Twitter followers, and anyone else who cares to tune in.  Meerkat and Periscope are the two start-ups leading the movement into mass live streaming, while Apple’s Facetime has been live streaming on a personal level since 2010.  The blueprint is being set for how live streaming apps will change real estate.  Here is an article about an agent who utilized Facetime to show buyers through a home,


Real estate agent Julie Ray has come of age in the red-hot housing market. But this was a first: Zooming through a $1.7 million house with her iPhone, she used its FaceTime video application to send images of the property — including bathroom tile and a backyard lemon tree — to the prospective buyers in Switzerland.

“They couldn’t fly over on a whim to see a house that was going to be gone in three days,” said Ray, who got her license five years ago and is accustomed to the bidding wars that routinely break out here. “So I would schedule a call with them, and I would FaceTime them through the house.”

Time is of the essence in the Bay Area real estate game and technology is playing an ever more integral role. It’s no big deal for agents to hammer out deals with absent sellers who sign off electronically from cruise ships or with Mainland Chinese buyers who surf the web for investments. It’s the new normal, where “seeing” a property means taking an online video tour via an agency’s 3-D walk-through program — or via FaceTime.

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… Now take this one on one Facetime buyer scenario and make it public… Not only can you tour your buyers through listings without the need for them to even leave the office, but that live stream is also made available to anyone else in the area who may be looking to buy a home as well.  You will need to partner this live streaming with a social media strategy on other platforms to increase the awareness of your stream, but there is great potential to become an ultimate real estate resource in this up-and-coming live streaming market.


Here is an article from the Social Media Examiner to get you familiar with both Meerkat and Periscope,

Does the idea of broadcasting live video from your mobile device sound interesting? Are you wondering if you should consider Meerkat or Periscope? In this article you’ll discover the differences between Meerkat and Periscope so you can choose the best one for your live mobile broadcasts.

Preview Meerkat and Periscope on Desktop

If you’re not ready to commit to either app just yet, or don’t have an iOS device, you can dive in by previewing some Meerkat and Periscope live streams on your desktop.

Click on this link to see what videos are streaming live from Meerkat users. Unfortunately, even if a video is live, you’ll first have to log in via Twitter, and then you’ll only see a static shot of the screen.

For Periscope, click on this link to see what videos are streaming live from Periscope users. Unlike live Meerkat videos, Periscope videos start automatically without asking you to log into Twitter. And you get the live feed.

If you click on a Meerkat or Periscope stream that has ended, you get a screen encouraging you to download the app and follow the user in question.

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