Does Home Staging Add Value to the Selling Process?

Hank Bailey at has an interesting take on hiring a home stager for your next listing.  He says (and we tend to agree 😉 )  “I find that the photo session prior to listing is more important than staging” but having a listing staged can add great value to the home selling process.

From Realtors to bloggers to HGTV, sellers hear about the need to get creative to attract prospective buyers to their homes. Suggestions include filling the rooms with warm and inviting scents, providing the perfect lighting, or playing up fun and interesting features.

Another popular option is home staging, which involves arranging and decorating the home in a way that appeals to a wide range of buyers. In the National Association of Realtors’ new 2015 Profile of Home Staging, 96 percent of Realtors who have experience assisting buyers thought that staging had an impact on buyers at least some of the time (49 percent reported staging had an impact on buyers most of the time, while 47 percent believe that staging impacts buyers some of the time)…

My first advice to a homeowner looking to put a home on the market is to start the staging process by removing clutter and depersonalizing the home. The buyer has to feel like it is home for them, not someone else!

I have seen homes that moved quickly merely due to where the structure was located. I have seen homes sell quickly because of the school district — it was very clear that no professional stager had ever darkened the threshold of the house, yet the home sold and sold for list price. In the practical reality of everyday life, most sellers don’t get a home inspection prior to listing (even though they should), and most don’t stage a home. Yet the homes sell.

The home stagers will disagree with me, I am sure, but I find that the photo session prior to listing is more important than staging. I took over one listing that was listed in just one of the two major multiple listing services (MLSs) in our market. It had had 14 low-resolution photos that looked small and narrow online. We got 40 gorgeous photos of the home up on both MLSs, and it sold in two weeks.

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