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Do you have a section of your website dedicated to showcasing Sacramento and it’s surrounding communities…  Or more likely a special focus on the particular area where you do your business?  Becoming a local real estate expert is a great way to ensure that when someone thinks of “West Roseville” or whatever community you work in, they think of YOU!  There are numerous platforms aside from your own website to publish content about your local area like local blogs, social networks and YouTube as well.  Here is a great piece of advice from Gary Vaynerchuk on what kind of content he would produce as a Realtor…


The following is an excerpt from an article from RISMedia on the topic…

Being the Local Real Estate Expert

Real estate transactions are a big deal for pretty much everybody, making the help of an expert crucial. You can bet that most people that are buying or selling a home are searching for information before their transaction, and the best way to become their agent is to have that information. Creating a community page lets you be that information source.

Chances are that if you have been working for very long in a particular community, you have quite a bit of information already. You probably already are a local real estate expert, even if you haven’t thought of yourself in those terms. Taking the time to put together all the information you have about an area –and doing the research needed to fill in the gaps– will make you a trusted resource for everyone searching online. A good community page will be filled with tons of useful data including information on town history, schools, demographics, local attractions, restaurants, highway access, real estate and more. Take a look at this REALTORS® guide to Mendon Real Estate as an example of what I’m talking about. If you were relocating into the area and knew nothing about Mendon, Massachusetts, a potential buyer would have a much better grasp of the area.

Helping Home Sellers

Your community page can be equally useful for home sellers. Every home seller wants to know what is great about his or her home—these are the selling points, after all. Your community page can give sellers important information about the location of their home. This is information they can use when communicating to buyers.

Many of the selling points for living in a particular area will be covered by your community page, including commuting options, schools, historical significance, shopping and dining, recreation opportunities, etc. This is another place where you can generate valuable word of mouth. Maybe the seller that uses your community page decides that you are the perfect agent to help sell the home, or maybe not. Even so, every seller that visits your page has the potential to tell others about the info you have made available.

Helping You Be Found Online

The performance of your real estate business is heavily influenced by how well you do online. As stated before, this is where everyone is going now before they buy or sell a home. This means you want to stand out on the Web. Ideally, you want buyers and sellers to find your website on the first page of search results. But doing this is easier says than done. Google and other search engines demand that your website be useful and informative. How they determine this is always a bit mysterious, but there are certain facts that everyone understands. The more valuable the information you provide—specifically, how valuable Internet users find your information—the higher you will appear on the search engine listings.

A lot of this value is determined by how much your pages are shared with others and who links to them. The better your community pages, the more likely that people will share them with one another. This is good news for your search engine rankings, and therefore your visibility online. The more people that find you online, the more clients you will be able to work with. In order to get the word out there you are going to need to know how to promote your real estate community pages. Mike Alton at the Social Media Hat shares an excellent article about how to make your pages more visible through the use of social media.


read the full article on Becoming a Local Real Estate Expert from RISMedia here:

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